Refund Policy

Refund Policy

  • The Kubhub platform guarantees that every backer will receive their money back in case the campaign fails. The payment processor (PayPal) will retain the transaction for at least 28 days. If the campaign fails, the payment is voided and the user funds are released.

  • All purchase transactions happen in BRL currency (Brazilian Reais) and all the refunds will occur on the same currency and amount. Different exchange rates between the purchase date and the refund date are not covered by the platform, this way the amount refunded after the exchange rate can be lower or higher than the amount you originally spent on the purchase transaction.

  • All refunds for a failed campaign are issued within 48 hours after the campaign fails.

  • Backers can cancel a campaign pledge at any time through the order detail in his account dashboard. The pledge can only be canceled before the campaign reaches the required number of backers.

  • Refunds are not allowed once a campaign is fully funded as users can already download the files.

  • Refunds are not available for store assets as they are immediately available for download after the purchase.

Last update: 1st August 2020