What is Kubhub?

Kubhub is a marketplace platform specially designed to sell and deliver 3D-printing file bundles (STL files).

We connect artists to users by providing tools to sell and create crowdfunding campaigns of 3D-printing files.

Crowdfunding campaigns have a 28-day deadline and a goal number of backers. As soon as this number is reached, the campaign is classified as succeeded. All backers who funded the campaign will receive a notification that the campaign is available for download by email. Each backer quota has a fixed amount of R$50.00 (fifty Brazilian Reais).

If the campaign does not reach the goal within 28 days, the backers will receive their money back through a refund.

Why BRL (R$) currency?

As our company is based in Brazil and we must use this currency to attend to local legislation.

When you navigate throughout the website, you can see a currency selector. It is only used to calculate the estimated price in other currencies, but all transactions will happen in BRL.

Sellers should set their prices in BRL while publishing a crowdfunding campaign or an asset bundle to the store.

For Users

How do crowdfunding campaigns work?

Kubhub allows sellers to create crowdfunding campaigns for their projects. When you purchase a crowdfunding campaign quota, you are helping the artist to raise funds for the campaign.

Once the campaign has reached the required number of backers, you will receive a notification email saying the files are ready for download.

If the campaign does not reach the number of backers within 28 days, your funding transaction will be refunded.

How do I download my files?

You need to access your account inside the platform and then access your files in the dashboard, using the user menu.

All your purchased files will be there waiting for you.

How do I notify a file problem?

If you have any problem with the downloaded file, you should contact the Kubhub support immediately.

You should contact us:

What is the price of asset bundles?

For crowdfunding campaigns, the price of a quota is fixed: R$50.00 (fifty Brazilian Reais).

For bundles from the store, it is defined by the seller.

Can I purchase a quota of the same crowdfunding campaign several times?

Yes. A license will be generated each time you purchase a quota.

Can I share the files I purchased?

Each asset bundle has a distribution license that may or may not allow file sharing, resale, editing, or any other use restrictions indicated by the seller. Most sellers do not allow file sharing with other users.

For Sellers

How does it work?

To become a seller, you need to provide us your basic personal information and connect your verified PayPal account. After that, you can have access to the administration panel.

Crowdfunding campaigns

You can create a crowdfunding campaign by adding a name, description, a cover image, the files to distribute (the maximum project size is 750MB), the distribution license and the amount to be received (in BRL currency).

The campaign will have a special page ready to be shared. Once the required number of backers is reached, you will receive an email confirming the success of the campaign.


You can sell any 3D-printing model at the Kubhub store by adding a name, description, a cover image, the files to distribute (the maximum project size is 750MB), the distribution license, and the price per unit (in BRL currency). Kubhub will collect a commission fee for each unit sold from the price you informed.

The asset bundle will have a special page ready to be shared.

Do I need to send the file to all customers and backers?

No, Kubhub will email all users who have purchased your project with instructions on how to download the file on the platform. It is the seller's responsibility to check whether the files don't have any issue or missing parts.

What is the maximum file size?

The maximum size of a project is 750MB. You can upload several files and all of them should be compressed in ZIP format.

Do I need to create an account to sell my files?

Yes, you need to fill in basic contact information and connect your verified PayPal account before you can create a project and get paid.

Can I sell anything on the platform?

You can only sell STL files that contain 3D models ready to be 3D-printed.

What if my campaign fails?

All backers will be notified and they will receive their money back.

You won't receive or pay any fee. The files you uploaded will be deleted for safety purposes.

How many asset bundles and crowdfunding campaigns can I create?

Unlimited, but always publish interesting projects, otherwise, users won't give your much attention in any project you publish in the future. Your account will be suspended or blocked if the platform detects malicious or harmful use to the community.

How does the platform define the number of backers for crowdfunding campaigns?

The platform calculates a number of quotas based on the requested amount of money by the seller adding the platform fees and then splitting the total amount into the fixed price of R$50.00 (fifty Brazilian Reais). This makes it easier for the seller to just input the total amount of money they want to receive for the campaign.

How do I input my price?

For crowdfunding campaigns, you have to enter the total amount for the platform to calculate the total number of backers to be reached.

For the store, you can input your price per unit.

Do I pay a fee to be a seller?

No, you don't need to pay to have access to become a seller. Kubhub only collects commission fees when you seel a campaign quota or an asset bundle in the store.

Can I sell files from another person?

The platform is not responsible for files sold and it is up to you to respect the intellectual property of another person, as well as licenses and copyright.

The platform aims to facilitate contact between you and the customer. Make sure to take good care of this relationship.

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Last update: 1st August 2020